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Whether it’s yours, your spouse’s, your friend, your sister, or your colleague, you all know a mom around you. The latter brings a special touch to your daily life and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make it soft. But what should we do when certain conditions prevent us from doing so?

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Mother’s Day differently this year.

Have a meal delivered

You definitely know her tastes and know what she likes to have on her plate. Why not opt for a brunch, a lunch or a dinner from a distance, but in complete privacy? Have her deliver her favorite meal to enjoy it with her via video. It’s not like we’re in the same room, but almost!

Offer her reading

Start your own family book club, even if it’s just for the two of you. Offer him a book by his favorite author or a few titles to devour so that you can read the same opus and discuss it as soon as it is finished. You will have a good time when you share your impressions, whether together or from a distance.

A surprise box

Whether it is chosen piece by piece by you or whether it is a box from a particular company, this will allow this mother to discover local products, cocooning items or others, in order to create a moment just for her. Don’t underestimate how welcome a break can be in her world.

The article of her dreams

You know, mothers often spoil themselves last. You’ve probably caught one of his urges in one of your many conversations. Tap into these options to give her the item she has dreamed of for so long without succumbing to it. She will say that is too much, but will thank you very much.

A treasure hunt

It’s not just kids who love treasure hunts. Take advantage of an outing to place a few surprises here and there in the house or in the field. Take him on a journey with a starter card and clues. This fun activity will lighten up this day and create nice memories.

Remember, the idea is to make it fun, no matter what attention or activity you choose. Happy Mother’s Day!

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