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April will not be as spring-like as we hoped! In Quebec, the seasons are never acquired and you must know how to dress accordingly to alleviate the weather, without departing from his style, of course! In addition to the grandmother thing to dress in onion peel, you can also choose your pieces with care according to their versatility. Here is a quick look at clothes that are adapted to our spring not always easy or as sunny as we would like!

Rain coat

You get up one morning, and surprise, it’s the deluge outside! You then put on your rain coat to go to work. At the end of your day, second surprise, it is now hot and sunny outside. As Forrest Gump would say, “life (and especially temperature) is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to fall on”. Choose a light coat that, while warm, does not take up too much space if you have to slip it into a bag later!


Again, Mother Nature is unpredictable and nobody wants to spoil her new shoes because of a bad choice. Give preference to materials that do not suffer too much from moisture or water and that do not keep the heat too much. If the task seems complicated, some research before moving into the shop should nevertheless give you a boost. Remember, store employees are also there to help you!


That’s it, it’s your lucky day: no rain, no clouds, only the sun! Yet when you step outside, you notice a rather chilly background. No worries, a nice jacket is always practical, and this, whatever the season!

The important thing is to take nothing for granted and plan the coup! Sometimes having a jacket or a rain coat on hand is a must that you do not want to do without. Are you ready to face what spring has in store?

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