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The chilly fall weather may give you the ‘blues’, but just because summer is gone doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the new season. In order to help you experience it fully, we have provided a list of activities that are each more interesting than the next.

Apple and pumpkin picking

Nothing is more fall than picking apples and pumpkins. Quebec is full of orchards and pumpkin fields waiting for you. This is not only a great opportunity to encourage local shopping, but also to have a great time with the family.

Corn maze

After the harvest is over, several farmers offer various maze trails, either day or night, to have a good time having fun and trying to find their way around the fields in the fall. It is a fun and unusual activity to do with family or friends.

Autumn crafts

The colored leaves are perfect for making beautiful seasonal crafts with your children or for decorating your decor. Pieces of wood, rock, green moss and leaves are on the menu. The pumpkin is no slouch for outdoor decorations either. Bring out the Picasso in you.


In the fall, the landscapes are breathtaking. This is the best time to observe them thanks to the sublime trails and mountains that Quebec has to offer. With the mild temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, you will be able to fully enjoy it. Bring your most comfortable shoes, the right linen, water and a few snacks and you’re done!

Family or couple photos

Now is the time to make memories. Take out any plaid shirts, jeans or knitwear so you have great photos. Your dress style combined with the flamboyant colors of autumn gives stunning results. Book your session now and come see us for your best looks.

Latte, « s’mores » and campfire

You don’t really enjoy fall if you don’t get your hands on a good spicy pumpkin latte (or some flavor, honestly) while having a good “smores” in front of a campfire. Cozy evenings in beautiful blankets watching the stars and enjoying a nice fire. Disconnect for an evening, you will be invigorated.

A Hygge house

Pronounced “Hoo-ga”, Hygge is an art of living characterized by a feeling of well-being, an intimate atmosphere, simple and warm comfort and moments of happiness in the company of loved ones. Dare to make your home warm and comfortable for the colder days. A few plants here and there, soft cushions and warm blankets will be optimal choices to live serenely in your home when the cold weather arrives.

The list for enjoying fall could easily grow longer. We think of cooking with apples and pumpkin, making soups, going camping, buying clothes for the season and more. There are many things to do this season and we hope you take full advantage of it to make the transition even smoother.

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