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Source of pride for some, or morning stress for others, the hair is part of our identity and are used as means of expression by the majority of us. For the summer of 2019, we rediscover the trend of colored and shorter hair that does not seem to want to run out of steam. Here’s what you can see about the heads around you!

Short hair

Square short or pixie cut, the hair over the shoulders are what’s in. We wish them textured, a little rebellious, and asymmetrical. Everything is in the style “a little neglected but not too much”. For this kind of cut, we look for an ointment rather than a gel that will work on the texture, and maybe a little hairspray if your hair is particularly thin!

Coral Hair

If the gray is still popular, we also see the rise of coral! As it is the Pantone color of the year, it’s not surprising. To adopt this trend, it will be necessary to discolor the whole hair! Choose conditioners for dyed hair to give your scalp a boost and keep the color longer. A pharmacy temporary dyeing that lasts about 2 to 3 weeks can also allow you to space the visits to the hairdresser!


In 2019, they are everywhere! Haute couture barrette, stylish bobby pins, these accessories will give a finishing touch to your hair. No need to complicate your life, you can add a simple barrette on the side and that’s it! The advantage with this trend is that it is not expensive, does not require maintenance and is suitable for everyone! It only takes a little imagination and a certain skill to impress your friends.

Will you dare go to the hairdresser or will you rather look for simplicity?

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