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A new season is always a good opportunity to freshen up your look. If it often goes through clothes, it is possible to give yourself another look, or to complete it, with a new hairstyle. You don’t know where to turn? Here is our guide to hair trends for Fall / Winter 2020-2021.

The shaggy cut

Beware, the 70s are back! The iconic Farrah Fawcett cut is one of our stars’ favorites for Fall / Winter 2020-2021! If this hairstyle is worn on shoulder-length hair this time, it can be summed up as follows: layered fringed cut. Your bangs can almost cover the eyes, be short to mid-forehead, or even curvy and sexy. Find the bangs that suit you best.

The Neo square cut

Who would have believed that this day would come? Not us! The fact remains that the bob is now worn in gradient. Yes, thanks to the separation in the middle and the tapered or rolled ends, the bob is reinvented as shown by Rachel Bisson and the models in the catwalks! We have to admit that there is a touch of the 1960s to this fall trend. Will you dare?

Two-tone hair

Color keeps its throne this year! However, it brings a little different touch. Dare two-tone hair! That is, with one part of an X color and the other part of a Y color. For example, the root is bluish while the length of the hair will be black. We can of course include the ombre technique in this trend. Dare the crazy colors without restraint!

Ripple is popular!

Do you remember your crimped hair? Well, now is the time to treat yourself! Whimsical wavy hair is all the rage. Take out your curling irons and twist your hair the way you want. Buckles, tight-embossed, plated notches, the possibilities are endless, from flamboyant to subtle to have fun. Easy to do and allows you to have different styles.


This trend delights our inner-child’s soul! This accessory regains its letters of nobility for the end of 2020. Practical and aesthetic, the headband is available in a multitude of formats on the market. Classic, flamboyant and sparkling, there is something for everyone. Wear the flowers on the back of the head à la Frida Kahlo or a ribbon bow to complete your looks. There is no limit if it’s only your imagination.

If your heart tells you, you can even mix up these trends! Ask your hairdresser for advice on how to look stylish for fall.

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