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Not always easy to keep this brat! Instead of wasting precious time looking for yet another activity to fill in for spring break or your weekends, check out our list for inspiration. We have found you some sweet (and sometimes less sweet) activities to do as a family for everyone’s enjoyment.

Redecorate the child’s room

This project is often unsuspected, but it will bring great happiness to your household. Not only will your child have a little cocoon in his image, but this activity will allow you to create strong bonds. It is possible that your child has grown up and their room no longer fits them. Or that you haven’t taken the time to give it that personal touch. Regardless, don’t delay and do this project together. A brush stroke and a few accessories could make all the difference. Involve your child in each of the stages: the choice of paint, the new bedding, the theme and the decorative objects. This will allow him to learn new skills and create new memories.

Do an outdoor activity

March is the perfect month for outdoor activities. The temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, allows a wide range of practices. Fill your spring break and your weekends by getting active. There is nothing better for your health. Here are some ideas:

● Alpine skiing

● Cross-country skiing

● Snowboarding

● Walk

● Hiking

● Slides

Make a homemade sugar shack meal

Combine utility with pleasure and turn your home into a sugar shack for your family for a day. Several restaurants and sugar shacks are reinventing themselves to offer you typical meals in the comfort of your home so that you can enjoy them. If you choose this option, you’ll pamper your household’s taste buds in addition to supporting a local business. You can also create your own menu with the items you have on hand to create the theme. No matter what you choose, pull out the checkered tablecloth and voila!

Rediscover your neighborhood

Why not take the time to rediscover your neighborhood? Now is the perfect time to take a nice walk with the family while talking about your lives and describing the houses you see along the way. Cultivate curiosity by asking your group to name specific things or even find a red door. This will make it all a bit fun. Each outing will be an adventure.

Introduce the family to fatbiking

The ideal activity to get your teens out! This activity is also accessible for the youngest if they have a good experience of pedaling behind the tie. Fatbiking continues to gain in popularity and with good reason. Riding a big-wheel bike allows you to experience your neighborhood trails from a whole new perspective while improving your endurance and cardio. What better ?

Ice fishing

Go tease the fish without hearing the kids complaining about mosquitoes. Your family bubble will appreciate being outside to enjoy the magnificent snow-covered landscapes while being able to fish for dinner. This is a nifty activity that might even spark a passion in one of your children. However, it is important to dress properly to face the temperatures you will encounter there.

Movie night

Take out the popcorn! There is nothing more fun than a movie night at home where the family is allowed to take a break from their routine. Bring a mattress in the living room, millions of soft toys, sweets and soft drinks to watch your favorite movies or those related to a chosen theme. Everyone will be happy and they will ask for more. Dare to make it a tradition.

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