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The holidays are full of magic and bring people together. It is a caring time where mutual aid is at the forefront. We slow down, we create memories, but above all, we want to see a smile on the faces of the people around us. After a difficult year, why not reach out to those who really need it.

Prepare gifts with intention and let the magic work!

Here are some suggestions:

Prepare small homemade dishes

Is there anything more comforting than a good homemade meal? Yes, a home cooked meal … made by someone else! Think about it, making a little meal for a loved one is a really nice gift to give to someone. Every time he tastes one of your dishes, he will think of you and thank you for taking time off from dinner. All you need are glass (or plastic) dishes and the food needed for preparation. At “GO”, we cook comfort food!

A surprise box

Confused about what to get your sister-in-law or even a friend of yours? Why not give him a bit of everything? You could of course opt for the gift packages that are offered in many shops, or you could create a comfort box yourself. Whether it’s a cozy pair of socks, outdoor gloves, a hot chocolate mix, chocolates or anything else, you will be able to charm her.

Help a family

Several families are in need. If you are in a better situation, consider donating clothes or snowsuits to families who do not have the chance to renew them every year. New mittens, new scarves or new toques, there’s never any refusal. Especially when the youngest one keeps losing them. You have no idea how much this attention can take a very heavy weight off the shoulders of those who will receive this gift.

Gift certificates

It’s not always easy to find what it takes to help people and that’s where gift cards or certificates come in! All businesses and stores are able to give it away and it allows the person receiving the gift to choose for themselves what interests them. A little $ 20 here or a $ 100 there, these gift cards are sure to help someone you know.

Service tickets

Instead of a physical gift, do you prefer to give your time? Donate service tickets where you donate things such as:

● Clearance of the entrance when it snows
● Babysitting
● Guarding the dog
● A meal concocted by you
● Go grocery shopping
● Take care of the household
● An outdoor activity

It will be an opportunity to create inexpensive memories and make people happy.

Christmas might be a little different this year, but giving your next one will put a real balm on your heart. This is the opportunity to feel useful by making people happy and that is priceless.

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