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Do you hear the bells? The holiday season announces its arrival and is the perfect time to start decorating. Whether you are the one who receives this year or not, you deserve a decor worthy of the pages of a magazine to let you intoxicated by the magic of Christmas. To achieve the desired effect and make your decor a success, you must follow these four steps. Simple and effective, you will be able to say successful decor once you have applied them.

Choose your theme

This will be the focal point of your decor. It is she who will dictate the style, the atmosphere, the colors as well as the purchase of the necessary items. Here are four thematic proposals to help you understand the concept.

Chalet style : This theme will be in shades of gray, red and raw materials such as wood and stone. What you are looking for is the nice, comfortable and cozy look.

Magic Night : Put magic in your evening with glitter and a combination of gold and silver color. The idea is to recall the magic of Christmas and the stars. All that scintillating and classic and putting.

Funky : Get off the beaten track with colors that are not normally related to the holidays such as pink, blue or fluo orange. Here, it is to make the decor wacky by affixing Christmas items (or not) that are not at all in the usual colors. For example, a white fir tree with pink decorations.

Frost : Represent the frost garden thanks to the pale blue, gray and transparency. Crystal glasses, fake snow and flakes are to be prioritized to make your decor alive. Think of the “ice” effect.

Blanket Bear Deer, at Clair de Lune

Set the mood

Each theme will have an influence on your mood. That said each theme offers several types of atmosphere. It’s up to you to determine the desired one. Your choice is important because it will dictate how guests will feel at home once. From lighting to colors and smells, everything will have an effect on your guests … and even on you.

Gingerbread candle, at Clair de Lune

Choose the right tree

Whether big or small, the tree will be the highlight of your decoration. Feathers, natural, reinvented or synthetic, it must be married to the chosen theme of its material. Do not neglect the choice of lights or decorations. Wisely chosen all garlands and Christmas balls should be the accent color of your decor.

Don’t forget the table

It would be sad to spoil all your efforts by neglecting the decoration of your table and cutlery that goes with it. Most of the time, the walls and the tree are decorated, but the table is quickly forgotten. To keep a coherence in your decor, your cutlery must be of neutral color or a color used elsewhere. Coasters, glasses, napkins are just as important.

Birch Coasters, at Clair de Lune

You now have everything in hand to offer you the most beautiful scenery, but especially a lot of magic!

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