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The already beloved swimming pool saw its popularity increase in 2020. We leave long-distance vacations aside to take advantage of its courtyard and swimming pool to cool off. However, who says swimming does not mean not being on top of the trends! It is possible to make everything as pleasant as on a beach.

Bring comfort and style to your activities!

Swimsuit: stripes, flowers and lingerie on the menu

To swim, you will need a swimsuit. Whether it’s a bikini, a tankini or a piece, what’s important is that you feel comfortable. You will look great. In 2020, stripes and flowers are once again in the foreground in various forms. The bikini top is crossed at the neck and the swimsuits are always indented. A little more daring side, lingerie type swimsuits are highly popular this season if you want to opt for this style.

Sandals: wedges, asymmetry and double strap

Walking barefoot on a warm surface when leaving the pool is at your own risk. Have on hand a pair of sandals, closed or not. These will ensure you comfort, whether with flat heels or wedges, and will highlight your most recent pedicure. The ankle-laced sandals continue their momentum this year too. But in 2020, the double flange and the asymmetrical side are put forward. Of course, the “flip-flops” are classics that go well together and are perfect for inserting our feet very quickly. Neutral or pop of color, it’s up to you!

A Hat

A real day in the sun would not be one without a beautiful hat! The latter will help you protect yourself from the sun’s rays while avoiding heat stroke. After the “tie-dye” sweater, the “tie-dye” hat is back in fashion. Pair it with your jersey if necessary. Obviously, straw hats remain very popular in 2020 trends for headgear, especially with a long ribbon attached. Have fun with style, shape and grandeur to perfect your look! In addition, you can even hide your tangled hair after swimming.

The cover-up

This item is necessary for any summer wardrobe! The cover-up will allow you to go from the pool to the aperitif in two stages, three movements! You have several choices: the classic caftan, the wispy dress or the essential sarong. The long jacket, comparable to a fine and luxurious dressing gown, is also appearing everywhere. Then if you want to dare for the shirt cover, a maxi kimono revealing the shirt is a great idea. Without forgetting that the openwork fabric dress (lace or crochet) is very fashionable at the moment.

So there you have the key trends of the summer season to make the most of your pool days. Make the ordinary extraordinary with themes and be stylish from head to toe, on the lounge chair or simply in the water. Good swim!

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