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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate even more than usual the love we all have for someone, be it our other half, our children, our parents or our friends. It is a sweet and intimate moment that it is good to experience at home, especially when it is in our image.

To help you create an evening filled with sweetness, we are giving you some ideas.

Order your favorite meal

Leave the stress behind and order your meal. Not only will you be supporting a restaurant in your neighborhood, but you will be able to fully enjoy your evening. You can pick up your order or just wait for it. After that, all you have to do is place it on plates worthy of Valentine’s Day to enjoy your dish with pleasure. It can even turn into dinner in bed effortlessly.

Cinema marathon

Nothing better than a series of films with rose water, in pajamas why not, whether alone, as a couple, or with the family to love each other. Make your selection a few days in advance to build your TV menu for the evening and already plan what you will eat. Don’t forget the popcorn and chocolates which are essential for a successful Valentine’s Day.

Dress chic

Having this magical evening at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for it. Dressing chic, even at home, adds a nice touch to your moment. Take out your most beautiful velvet dress or even your most beautiful dress; under subdued light, the effect will be wow!

Chocolate tasting

Rather than the traditional romantic dinner, change the menu for a chocolate or wine tasting. Take the time to write down each of these so you can compare with your peers. A casual, chic or pajama outfit may be required. Take the opportunity to discover your local chocolatiers.

A treasure hunt

Like the Easter coconut, do not hesitate to hide heart chocolates, or not, all over the house and in your outdoor courtyard so that your little ones can find them. A family activity where pleasure, happiness and love will be at the rendezvous. After picking, all that’s left is to taste warm, hot chocolate in a loving household.

Reading and chocolate

Solo or in duo, take advantage of this moment to do an activity that you love more than anything. Reading a good book, or your favorite book, with a coffee, a tea or a good hot chocolate, not to mention rusk and chocolate, will allow you to spend a smooth evening doing this that you like.

A multitude of ideas of the same kind can do the trick. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spend sweet moments with your loved ones, or just go solo and honor the most important person in your life – yourself. We wish you lots of love … and chocolate!

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