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Print, whether you like it or not, is an integral part of fashion. Vibrant or discreet, the fact remains that it slips everywhere and in different ways. We show you these five ways to wear the fully assumed print.

The Flagship Piece

The flagship piece is quite simple. It’s about choosing a piece of clothing with a print and combining it with other solid elements. For example, combine a leopard print skirt with a black blouse or a floral print blouse with classic jeans. It’s simple: take a color from the print if possible, trying to choose the most basic one and voila!

The complete outfit

Whether it’s a dress, a jumpsuit or a jersey, the complete print outfit has something to impress. Accompanied by accessories in a sober color or even a print accent, you will have an assumed look, but above all complete. Not to mention that the size of the print can differ depending on the song chosen and will allow you to stick it to your personality.

At the end of the feet

Those who may not want to jump in on the adventure of print, however, can soak their toes. The market is full of shoes with various prints. This allows you to complete your look with a touch sometimes exotic, sometimes playful or simply fashion.

In addition

If you are more of a subtle style, opt for the print in addition. That is to say with accessories. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, a barrette or even a handbag, it will add a wow, but minimalist effect to your look. Several prints are available and complement a more classic look. This will allow you to dare while respecting your style.

To cover up

Print is also popular with coats. A leopard print or check coat allows you to opt for a punched or classic style if you take the second. Regardless, a printed coat lets you show off your personality to the world.

These are just five easy ways to get print into your wardrobe. There are, however, several others. For example, some people will even dare to mix several types of prints to complete their look. It is all a matter of choice and taste.

So now there’s no reason to miss out on something that is eye-catching. Happy shopping!

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