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The leaves cling under our feet, the days are shorter and the sandals have been stored. Clearly, the fall has arrived. It’s time to take out our autumn coat to protect yourself against the cold. Need a new one? In order to optimize your purchase, it is important to consider the following 5 things.

Your use

The first step before shopping for your coat is to determine the desired type. Your use will put your finger on it. For example, if you move from one heated room to another quickly enough, your heat need will not be the same as for someone who has to walk from work to home. Make a list of your daily activities and you will be able to buy the right coat to stay warm.

Manteau Levi’s chez Pentagone

Your budget

Knowing that there is a wide variety of coats available, it’s easy to get lost and fall in love with a piece out of your budget. Do your calculations and determine a maximum price for your purchase. Combined with the other features to keep in mind, you can then get your hands on a beautiful piece that will meet your needs.

Manteau chez Zacks

The color

This may seem trivial, but color is important in your choice. Opting for a color that you like more or less will prevent you from taking full advantage of your purchase. The idea is to choose not only a color that suits you well, but especially a color that you like. Your fall coat should become a key piece in your wardrobe that you can reuse for a long time.

Jacket long effet suède chez Colori

The type of fabric

There are all kinds of coats on the market. From leather to synthetic to wool, you will find the fabric you like. However, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each material. You will be able to make an informed choice for your day by knowing which is perfect to stick to your routine.

Manteau éco-responsable matelassé chez Colori

The style

After all the points listed above, you must now find your style. You must feel as good in your coat as in a blanket. May it become like a second skin. Some cuts are more advantageous than others depending on the physiognomy, but the important thing is that you feel like a Rockstar and that the style suits the image you want to put forward.

Manteau chez Pentagone

You now have everything you need to go hunting for the perfect coat for the most stylish fall of your life.

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