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Summer is the time of ice cream, the beach, car rides with open windows, but also the campfires. These evenings with friends or family around the fire are those that are full of the most beautiful memories. They are essential for the summer period.

Here are five perfect looks to live these nights thoroughly!

The Comfortable

Equipped with a soft leggings fitted to a hoodie, you will not only be all in style to enjoy your evening, but especially comfortable. Remember to wear a camisole or sweater under your hoodie to adapt to changes in temperature during these long hours spent outdoors.

Leggings – Pentagone

The Relaxed

Do not have time to go home after work before going to meet your friends? Go for the casual look with jeans pants, a t-shirt of the color of your choice and a denim jacket. Like a chameleon you can go from office to fire in a snap of your fingers. If the jeans jacket does not go for your work, put it in your bag and you will change your jacket at the end of the day!

Denim Jacket – Colori

The Casual

Real mat, this look will allow you to fully enjoy your evening. Go from downtown to the country in two or three movements with this v-neck and fashionable jeans. For the city, small shoes, for the countryside, you can opt for sneakers.

Basic Striped Kangaroo – Colori

The Zen

Feeling at home while staying with friends? The dream! This zen look helps not to break your head, but especially to be comfortable from head to toe, and from morning to night. Warning, it may well be that you fell asleep on your chair in front of the fire as this combo is cozy. Feel free to bring a jacket to be ready if the temperature drops a few degrees.

Pyjama – Pentagone

The Classic

The classic and practical! Put on your favorite pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt and you’re done! Sneakers or sandals will complete your look with simplicity. In addition, it will fit perfectly with the jacket you bring.

T-Shirt Levi’s – Pentagone

No matter what look you choose, it will stick to your skin when you collect your memories at your next campfire!

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