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The word that comes up most often to qualify the month of November is: gray. Between the blazing colors of October and the pristine white of December, November seems difficult for many. To help you make everything softer, but above all bright, here are our tips for lighting your home and your daily life.

A question of light bulb

Take advantage of the month of November to change your bulbs if necessary, but above all, pay attention to the color. In the market there are cool white as well as warm white light bulbs. Both will affect the brightness of your room. Making sure you have bulbs that reflect the tone you want, by being right for your light fixtures, can make all the difference in a well-lit home or not.

Colorful decor

Colorful things have the power to make any decor more alive and therefore brighter. By their pale or “punchy” colors, they have the gift of having a positive impact on our morale. That’s why you can choose to paint the room white with colorful items, or paint an accent wall or all walls a bright color.

Remove the mosquito nets

It might seem trivial, but removing the screens for the winter allows light to enter the room completely through your windows. Take the opportunity to wash your windows and mosquito nets before putting them away. The light input could double in your rooms.

The sheer effect

Have you ever stopped in front of your curtains to actually look at them? Their color and material have a big impact on the rest of your decor. Certainly, if they are black, it will result in removing light from your room. To make it brighter and winter softer, opt for pale colors and curtains. They will allow you to fill up with light, even on gray days.

Bringing the outside inside

It’s amazing what a bouquet of fresh flowers can do in a home. The smell, color and freshness have a huge impact. Don’t hesitate to bring wood and stones inside, either. These are noble materials, very “hygge”, which allow to create atmospheres of fire. Along the same lines, adding plants to your decor will make your home breathe happiness and light.

Mirrors, your best ally

It’s no secret that mirrors reflect light. Installing them in strategic places will allow you to gain in light, because it will hit your walls thanks to the mirrors. The same principle also applies with lacquered materials which reflect light and glass furniture, allowing more light to circulate.

Have fun with the various types of lighting, colors, materials and textures. This is how you can maximize light and make your home softer and less gray in this transition to winter.

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