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The snow has arrived, the gray of November is gone and the magic of Christmas has settled. At the same time, the checkboxes of your calendar have darkened at the big V speed, sign that the family and office Christmas parties are now in your schedule.

Although you are looking forward to this holiday madness, you wonder what you are going to put on. To help you and avoid a puzzle, here are eight looks to adopt for all your parties.

Casual Look

Why bother when you can opt for a casual look? With a short faux fur coat, all you have to do is dress it up with a camisole, a sweater, high-waisted skinny jeans or a dress. Textures such as satin, faux fur, sequins and faux leather are to be favored for the holiday season 2019. The perfect look for 5 to 7.

The Cozy-chic

Who said we could not be chic and comfortable at the same time? Be on your 36 while having the impression of being in your most comfortable blanket. Put on a light sweater or a colored wool, and combine it with a glitter miniskirt. You will have a contrasted look, chic, but above all very comfortable. Moreover, the straw is a real must in your holiday outfits. Perfect for family parties.

The T-shirt Dress

While femininity, the dress t-shirt allows you to choose the material you want. Whether it’s a cotton dress, shimmering, sequined or velvet, you’ll find what you need. It matches with any type of shoes and nylon stocking colors, depending on the color of the dress of course. With sleeves, it allows you to be neither too cold nor too hot, no matter where you are.

The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is in fashion in 2019 and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to honor it. Solid color, patterned, lace or sparkling, it is offered in several styles. The combination is a perfect all-round look to fit your evening.

Lace jacket and flared trousers

Simplicity is sometimes the key! Dare the lace jacket with flared trousers. No matter what color you choose, this matte look will follow you throughout the holiday season whether it’s for the office party, the family party or a 5 to 7. Moreover, it will be easy for you to reuse these pieces from your wardrobe afterwards.

Bare shoulder

Asymmetry is in the spotlight in the collections for the holidays. Often of solid color, the sweaters propose the bare shoulder. A must with sober pants to contrast with the color of the top. It is very convenient for both your family and business events.

The long knit dress

Are you more of the long type and your events are rather formal? The long knit dress is what you need. Available in several styles, this dress will have an even more “wow” effect with a shawl or a small handbag. Amaze the gallery.

In the end, no matter which look you choose for the holidays, it will fit you like a glove. The idea is to be comfortable and comfortable in what you wear to enjoy all the magical moments that Christmas offers us. In pants, skirt or dress, create a multitude of memories in your best outfits.

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