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The pencils and papers that are on your children’s school list, it’s good, but there are a multitude of objects or products to have at home to live the back to school. Never underestimate the power of an object to bring sweetness to your home.

A family calendar

The routine takes its place in your life just like the thousand and one meetings of the family. Easy to lose your head or forget one. To make your life easier and help you get back into this routine, the family calendar will become your best friend. Available in several versions, most of them also make it possible to include the tasks to be performed in the household.

Bath bombs

Whether it’s bath bombs, body lotion or handmade soaps, your body will want to relax by having the best for you. Go for a relaxing bath after a hard day or a hard week with products that will feel good to your body and soul.


In the same vein as bath bombs, having candles on hand will be magic. They will allow you to change the atmosphere if you want more calm, change the smells in the household or help you if there is a power failure.

A notebook

Having a notebook to wear is always a good idea. You can help the oldest in his homework, look after the youngest or write down various information, ideas or phone number. Finished looking for paper, you will always have it under your nose.

A plaid

Autumn has not quite arrived, but the evenings are a little cooler. That’s why the plaid is the perfect item to end your family evenings. Sweet and comforting, she will be your ally to reduce anxiety in your children to spend sweet moments.


The oldest is doing his homework and the youngest is bothering him by listening to videos on YouTube at high volume? Fix the problem by having headphones on hand. Thus your youngest child can continue to be entertained without any problem to learn your elder.

Recipe books

Making lunches can sometimes become heavy and repetitive. Have easy recipe books in your kitchen to vary menu choices, but most importantly make this process light. Nobody can spit on inspiration!

This list could have been much longer as there are objects that can make your life easier during the school year without you thinking about it. It may seem futile, but it will help you a lot in reducing your stress when you start the routine again.

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