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Since Mother’s Day is arriving fairly quickly, here’s a list of gift ideas that will certainly make all moms happy! No matter her interests, let’s bet you’ll find the perfect gift for your mother in the Valleyfield mall. So, what will you pick within our selection of stand-out, amazing items?

1- For the fashionista mother

You know your mom’s tastes better than anyone. Does she proudly wear her beautiful jewelry? Does she possess an infinite collection of lipstick? Maybe you could give her a  giftcard for her favorite fashion store, or perhaps a new accessory for her hair or one to embellish her clothing. A perfume with a floral and fresh scent to celebrate the arrival of spring is also a good choice.


You’ll find many ideas here :

Lucky Perfume Store, Elinor Diamond, Bizou, The Shob Store, Zacks, Kuki, Kimo, Top Mode, Pentagone, Grenier, Colori

2- For the technophile mother

Is she always aware of the newest technologies? Whether it be a personal assistant like Alexa or Google Home, or an electronic book reader to relax, your mom will be happy to receive the latest technological trend. Also, why not simply replace her old phone that no longer works properly?


You’ll find everything you need in these stores :

Videotron, Bell, Rogers, Koodo, The Mobile Expert

3- For the athletic mother

There is a ton of gifts for sport-loving moms. Whether it be wireless earphones to enjoy music while jogging, or workout equipment like a new yoga mat, you’ll find what you need to make your mother smile. You can offer her a new water bottle, or even a smart watch to keep track of her steps : options are infinite!




4- For the foodie mom

Little treats are always an excellent idea for mothers who love sugary foods. Gift boxes of little chocolates, of different types of tea or even gourmet packs can all be found in one of the Valleyfield mall’s stores. If she likes to cook, you can always grab accessories for presentation like a wine bucket or a tablecloth with trendy patterns.


Need more ideas? Check out these stores :

Stokes, Hart, Maxi

5- For the new mother

The new moms also need a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to offer them a moment of inner peace, for example, by giving them some self-care products, bubble baths, a new super comfortable pyjama or some nice smelling candles. Does she need a particular accessory? Make your mom happy and buy it for her.


Get everything you need here :

Jean Coutu, Hart, Maxi

Celebrating maternity is an important thing. Whether it be with kind words, a special day or a gift given with love, the important thing is to show how much we love and appreciate everything moms do for the community. Just show your mother, in your own way, how much you love her and how much you care about her. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the world!

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