Accueil / Decoration advice for the arrival of spring

It’s time to put away big blankets et apple-scented candles, spring is at our door. You’ll find, in this article, advice and tips to help you update your home’s decoration and atmosphere to enjoy the new season.

Update your outdoor space


The arrival of spring means it’s time to return to the great outdoors after a long winter of hibernation. Furniture in white wicker or a colored parasole will instantly  the living space in your backyard. Spend a bit of time in the garden et plant your spring flowers to create a peaceful oasis where it is possible to relax. Don’t forget to add a couple of tiki torches for a romantic mood!



Candles and perfumes


Spring is associated with freshness, green and everything that has something to do with the word “new”. Open your windows to allow fresh air in during sunny days and choose candles that have a scent of coton or freshly cut grass. They will help you freshen up smaller rooms like bathrooms or closets. Make sure you have an air purifier to prevent seasonal allergies.



Perennials and indoor gardens


Of course, plastic plants are easy to take care of during winter, but it’s time to upgrade the air quality in your home and let the outdoors in. Gardens are easy to create and are a beautiful addition to your home office. If you have a window in your kitchen, a nice smelling herb garden on its edge will make the room look much better in addition to having fresh herbs for your recipes.

“Fresh” flowers


Spring is the flower season! Whether it be a multicolored crown on your front door or a bouquet in a vase on your kitchen table, it’s time to add color and nice odors in your home. Sign up for a delivery service to be sure that you always have fresh flowers at hand.


Colored accessories


Pillows, cashmere blankets and even occasional furniture can be used to add color and life to your decor. Choose lively orange or mint green pillows for your bed, blankets with floral patterns for your couch and add a table or a funky couch to become the main attraction that brings the joys of spring right to your home!


Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. Colors and perfumes of spring can easily be used to upgrade your living space. These items will help your house get out of its winter trauma and will tansform it into a beautiful spring oasis.


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