Accueil / 5 essentials to start spring

Spring, we’re all waiting for it! We observe mormots to know if they’ll see their shadow or not, hoping that spring will arrive quickly and that winter will leave just as fast. Even though we enjoyed the cold season with all of its outdoor activities, unique sports and fairytale-like landscapes, we suggest to you our 5 essentials to start spring off with a smile!

1.   Adopt a new soft colored bag

Whether it be a handbag or a backpack : goodbye dreary colors, hello daily pastel. Flowery designs are starting to show the tip of their nose and give us hope for the beautiful season coming our way. Seeing these happy colors everyday will help you combat the grayer days that sometimes persist during spring.

2.   Opt for color

Whether it be for accessories, your clothing or even your nails, dare to use color. Be like a soft flower blooming with the start of spring. Pastel and flashier options are top picks. When it comes to clothing, think of your clothing like an onion. To clarify, you should put on multiple thinner layers of clothing instead of just one super thick piece that’s too hot for the weather outside. By choosing multiple thin layers, it becomes possible to remove some if it’s too hot or even add more if the day is a bit colder than expected. It’s also a good way to play around with different textures and colors.

3.   Add some green to your decor

We’re not talking about adopting a turtle or any other green animal here : we’re talking about plants! Plants bring life and make the air quality of the house better. Furthermore, they reduce stress, they help us feel calmer and they make us more serene. Choose a plant that’s adapted to your situation if you don’t have a green thumb. We’re certain you’ll find the shoe that fits your foot.

4.   Change your signature scent

Did you ever hear the expression ” having a wardrobe of perfume ” ? It’s what we’re recommending today. Put away the more exotic and eastern perfumes that are best worn in winter for a comforting feeling. Instead, grab the flowery and fresh fragrances for the next month. Let’s bet the people around you will notice it and compliment you on your great choice. Choose aciditic, fruity or even flowery fragrances for the return of great days!

5.   Try a new hat

The toque was perfect for the polar cold weather of winter, but much less for the spring temperature. It’s now time to grab ourselves a new hat. That could be a Fedora, a beret or even a beanie made from lighter material! Perhaps you would even dare to adopt the famous bucket hat. For all it’s worth, a lighter hat will keep you comfortable, no matter the weather, while also looking stylish.

Don’t forget, spring is a symbol of renewal, joy and fulfillment. Let’s leave winter behind and turn the page. We hope that these 5 essentials for spring will help you enjoy this new season. Let yourself get seduced by spring shopping under the slightly warmer temperatures and the light that is slowly taking its place back.

Have a wonderful spring!

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