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Oh November, this grey month that several of us find difficult. Good temperatures are far behind, snow is looking out for us and the days are shorter. Why not change the description of this depressing month to bring light and softness to it?

Here are four things to do to make your day-to-day more soft.

Transform your living room into a little cocoon

In order to make your space more comfortable, we invite you to prepare your living room for the cold season by switching it to cocooning mode. It is essential to feel good at home while we spend a lot of time there during this period.

Our tricks :

  • Add some throws and cushions on the couch or on the ground in order to make it more comfortable. Opt for soft material which will help you to relax.
  • Change the decor by updating your decoration! All of this can be done easily by choosing different cushion covers or by adding cozy items to add a touch of fall to your decor.
  • Create a warm effect and play with the atmosphere of your room with candles and diffusers of all kinds. Among all the colors and smells, you will easily find what makes you happy for this new season.

Start cooking now!

Cooking great meals is always fun and comforting! In addition to discovering new recipes or new chefs, you will be able to benefit from their talents right in your home!

Our suggestions :

  • Say hello to comforting seasonal dishes with apples or squash.
  • Think outside the box and discover new exquisite flavors.
  • Shop for seasonal vegetables to prepare delicious, tasty comfort food that you can freeze and enjoy days when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • As a bonus, match your utensils with your plates. Let your cutlery express itself and go find unique colors to give you appetite.

Chase away the gray by preparing the house for the holidays

Nothing is better than inviting the holidays magic in your house to add some light into the month of November. Don’t wait until December and pull out the festive decorations to welcome the joy of Christmas!

Our ideas :

  • If your neighborhood is already lit up in holiday colors, go hunting for Christmas decorations here. You will be surprised at how much fairy lights can help counteract the grayness of November.
  • For your part, develop a theme for the holiday season: North Pole, Winter Carnival, Rustic Cabin, The Nutcracker, Scandinavian Christmas, Traditional Christmas, Golden Christmas and much more!
  • Make the necessary purchases to make this theme real and let your imagination run wild.
  • Don’t hesitate listening to Christmas music to get you in the mood.

Take time for yourself !

Slow down is the watchword for this gray month. Whether it is with a hobby that you have always loved or even a new hobby, take the opportunity to take time for yourself! Or, just drop out of your exemplary routine to relax and learn how to do nothing.

Our tracks :

  • Rediscover reading, puzzles, knitting, yoga or even board games. Dare to disconnect for a few hours.
  • Take time and above all: give yourself time. Discover the benefits of mindfulness meditation.
  • Run a hot bath to relax. Add bath bombs or Epsom salt to it.

No matter what you choose to do in November, make sure it will do you good. Welcome the transition between the colors of October and the white of December with a gentle touch. Slowing down is essential and keep in mind the main thing: we are going one day at a time!

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