Valleyfield Centre in downtown

Population: 40,791, but serves a regional population of nearly 200 000 people [1]

Nearly 30% of the population is 15 years and over, had a post-secondary degree

Unemployment Rate: 8.3%

Number of households:18,295

Bilingualism rateamong 20-64years old: 43%

Pool of more than19,000 workers-residents

Nearly5800 workersfrom outside

More than 100 manufacturing companies - 2,900 jobs

More than 700 shops and services companies - 5,000 jobs

Concentration of jobs in the institutional sector, including health, social and educationservices

[1]Statistiques Canada, recensement 2011; Ville de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, liste des entreprises.

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